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Privacy Policy

We are a business-to-business (B2B) company, which means that our customers are businesses and not consumers. By using our website, including the services of our suppliers, the user (the "User") agrees to the collection, use, and disclosure of information concerning them as indicated in this Privacy Policy (the "Policy"). 

The Policy contains information regarding the management of the website, owned by Tre Tau Engineering S.r.l. ("Tre Tau"), concerning the processing of user data collected in accordance with the principles of legality, fairness, and transparency. 

The Policy has been drafted in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) approved by EU Regulation 2016/679 (the "Regulation") and is intended for users who interact with Tre Tau's web services, accessible electronically starting from the page:, corresponding to the official website of Tre Tau. 


Please read this privacy notice carefully as it will help you understand what we do with the information that we collect.


1. Information Regarding Website Privacy 

2. Data Controller and Location of Data Processing 

3. Sources and Use of Collected Data 

4. Types, Purposes, and Methods of Processing Automatically Collected Data 

5. Purposes of Using Personal Data Collected 

6. Data Retention

7. Sharing of Collected Data

8. User Rights

9. Legal Basis for Processing and Transfer to Non-EU Countries

10. What to Do in Case of Disagreement Regarding the Use of Information

11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

1. Information Regarding Website Privacy 

In accordance with Articles 13 and onwards of the Regulation, Tre Tau provides users of the website with the following information regarding the processing of the data they provide: 

  1. The processing of personal data is based on the express consent of the User under Article 6, paragraph 1, letter a) of the Regulation. Consent is optional. The User can give consent and accept all the terms, conditions, policies, and communications presented on the website by confirming acceptance of the Cookies Policy. 

  2. Once given, consent can be revoked at any time by sending a request via email to If the User is under fourteen years old, consent and revocation must be authorized by parents or those acting on their behalf in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 1 of the Regulation and Article 2 quinquies of Legislative Decree 196/2003, as amended by Legislative Decree 181/18. 

  3. Failure to give consent may result in certain services not being provided and may compromise navigation on the website.

  4. The Policy applies solely to the website and not to other websites that the User may access through links contained therein. 

2. Data Controller and Location of Data Processing

1. The data controller is Tre Tau Engineering S.r.l., located at Strada Signagatta 41, 10044 Pianezza (TO), Italy, where data processing takes place. 

2. For any clarifications or exercise of their rights, the User may contact the data controller at the following email address: or at the following address: Tre Tau Engineering S.r.l. - Strada Signagatta 41, 10044 Pianezza (TO), Italy.

3. Sources and Use of Collected Data

Upon obtaining the User's consent through acceptance of the Cookies Policy, Tre Tau collects data: (i) provided directly by users, (ii) automatically collected by the website, (iii) obtained from third-party sources. 


i. Information Provided Directly by the User: 

Personal information is provided directly by the User when they: fill out a "Contact Us" form; subscribe to mailing lists; download a white paper; submit a survey; or provide information through the website in other ways. In general, the collected information may include: 

  1. Online identifiers, contact information, and account details (e.g., name, surname, title, landline phone number, mobile phone number, email, fax, IP address, etc.). 

  2. Contract-related information (e.g., contractual relationship, interest in Tre Tau services, and contract fulfillment). 

  3. Applicant information (e.g., work history, qualifications, and other information found in the applicant's resume or work history submitted by the applicant). 

  4. Other information that the User voluntarily chooses to provide (e.g., information related to the use of the website and services). 


ii. Information Collected Automatically:

Website monitoring allows for the analysis of site usage and constant optimization for users.  For this purpose, statistical tools are used, such as recording the frequency of page openings. Tre Tau utilizes tools like Google Analytics to collect information about device, internet, and network activity, including the following: 

  1. Number of users and sessions 

  2. Session duration 

  3. Browser information 

  4. Operating systems 

  5. Device models 

  6. Geography 

  7. First launches 

  8. Website access 

  9. Website updates 

  10. Deriving demographic information. 


iii. Information Obtained from Third Parties 

Tre Tau may obtain information about the User from third-party sources, such as publicly available resources. It also collects information from social media sites, including likes, shares, and tweets, as well as the content of social media sites. 

4.Types, Purposes, and Methods of Processing Automatically Collected Data 

1. The automatically collected information may include the following: 

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address 

  • Type of browser and device parameters used to connect to the site 

  • Name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) 

  • Date and time of visit 

  • Referral and exit web pages 

  • Country of origin of the visit 

  • Number of sessions 


2. For security purposes (anti-spam filters, firewall, virus detection), the data automatically recorded may also include personal data such as the IP address, which may be used, in accordance with applicable laws, to block attempts to harm the site itself or to harm other users, or engage in harmful or criminal activities. These data are never used for the identification or profiling of the User, but only for the protection of the site and its users. Such information will be processed based on the legitimate interests of the data controller. 


3.The above information is processed automatically and collected only in aggregated form to verify the correct functioning of the site and for security reasons. Such information will be processed based on the legitimate interests of the data controller. 

This website uses Log Files in which information is stored automatically during user visits. 

5. Purposes of Using Personal Data Collected 

The data collected by the site during its operation are used exclusively for the following purposes: 

  • Providing the User with access to Tre Tau's products and services. As such, Tre Tau is authorized to undertake all initiatives and commercial operations it deems useful to achieve its goals, including any advertising initiatives. Among the goals pursued are improving the products and services offered and improving customer satisfaction. 

  • Providing User assistance regarding the use of the site and the services rendered, such as problem resolution and technical support; providing responses to User inquiries; providing any other useful support to the User. 

  • Responding to User requests, including potential job applications. 

  • For direct marketing purposes, including sending newsletters, customer notifications, and information that may be of interest. If the User is in a jurisdiction that requires consent for receiving electronic marketing messages, such  messages will only be sent if the User has chosen to receive them. 

  • Analyzing and improving user access and usage of the site, services, and its features. 

  • Protecting the rights of Tre Tau and preventing abuses such as fraud, unauthorized access, and other improper uses. 

  • Complying with the law or fulfilling obligations related to legal proceedings. 

  • Administering business operations (such as payments, accounting, record keeping, and legal obligations). 

  • Evaluating applications with checks on previously held positions. 

  • Providing information about Tre Tau in the event of business transfers, sales and transfer of company assets, acquisitions, or restructurings of all or part of the company's business. 

  • Assessing, improving, and developing business, products, and service, as well as similar research and analysis purposes through the creation and use of aggregated and non-identifiable information. 

6. Data Retention 
  1. In accordance with Article 5.1 (c) of the Regulation, the information systems and computer programs used by Tre Tau are configured to minimize the use of personal and identifying data; such data will be processed only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes set forth in this Policy. 

  2. Data will be retained for the period strictly necessary to achieve the specific purposes pursued, and in any case, the criterion used to determine the retention period is based on compliance with the terms allowed by applicable laws and the principles of data minimization and limitation of retention. 

  3. To determine the appropriate retention period for each data, factors such as the number, nature, and potential sensitivity sensitivity of the information, the risk of harm to the data subject from unauthorized use or disclosure, the purpose for which these data are processed, the possibility of achieving the same purposes by other means, and the applicable legal provisions are considered. 

  4. Data used for security purposes (blocking attempts to harm the site) are retained for the time strictly necessary to achieve the goal. 

7. Sharing of Collected Data 

The number of individuals who will become aware of the User's personal information is limited to those who need such  information to perform their activities. Tre Tau Engineering S.r.l. is part of a Group. Each member of the Group may obtain data sharing in accordance with the purposes established by this Policy. All Group members are contractually obligated to maintain confidentiality of the data received and faithfully follow Tre Tau's instructions. 

User data may need to be shared with third parties if required by law, the terms and conditions of the Policy, or other agreements.

8. User Rights 

Privacy legislation guarantees the User the following rights concerning the processing of personal data: 

  • The right to be informed 

  • The right to access information 

  • The right to rectification 

  • The right to erasure/right to be forgotten 

  • The right to restriction of processing 

  • The right to data portability 

  • The right to lodge a complaint 


  1. Right to be informed: The User has the right to be informed about who collects and how their personal data is collected and used, as well as the rights they can exercise. All necessary information is contained in the Policy. 

  2. Right to access information: The User has the right to access the information about them held by Tre Tau. Tre Tau will inform the User if such data is being processed and provide access to such information. 

  3. Right to rectification: If the information concerning the User is found to be inaccurate or incomplete, they have the right to request modification or update. If such information has been shared with third parties, they will be informed of the corrections provided whenever possible. The User can exercise this right by contacting Tre Tau through the contacts indicated in this Policy.

  4. Right to erasure/right to be forgotten: The User has the right to request the deletion or removal of their personal data if there is no reason to continue processing it. Circumstances in which this right may be exercised include situations where the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or processed, or where the User has withdrawn the necessary consent for data processing. There are some situations in which this right cannot be exercised; for more information, please contact Tre Tau's Privacy Service as indicated in the following Article 10. 

  5. Right to restriction of processing: The User can exercise the right to "block" or limit the processing of their data. In this case, Tre Tau will cease processing the data. 

  6. Right to data portability: The User, if they wish, has the right to transfer their data and information held by Tre Tau to a different service provider or copy it for personal reasons. 

  7. Right to lodge a complaint: In case the User believes that the processing of their data has been carried out in violation of the Regulation, they have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority. 

10. What to Do in Case of Disagreement Regarding the Use of Information 

Tre Tau is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of users. In any case, if the User is not satisfied with the methods of data collection or processing or simply wishes to obtain more information about their rights, they can contact Tre Tau by sending an email to or by sending a registered letter to Servizio Privacy, Tre Tau Engineering S.r.l., Strada Signagatta 41, 10044 Pianezza (TO), Italy. The User may also file a complaint with the supervisory authority if the conditions are met. 

11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Policy is subject to possible changes. Any future changes will be posted on this page. The continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of any updated Policy prospectively. 

Last updated: 29 March, 2024

9. Legal Basis for Processing and Transfer to Non-EU Countries 
  1. Tre Tau is headquartered in Italy and processes and stores User personal data in Italy and Germany (at the respective locations of the Group companies), which may also be transferred abroad. These different jurisdictions may not provide equivalent levels of data protection. Tre Tau uses approved security measures to transfer personal information to Italy when required by the laws of the country of origin. 

  2. The transfer is authorized and strictly regulated by Article 45(1) of the Regulation, so no further consent is required.

  3. Data will never be transferred to third countries that do not comply with the conditions set out in Article 45 and subsequent articles of the Regulation (EU). 

  4. This website may share some of the data collected but not yet processed by Tre Tau with services located outside of Italy. In particular, with Google, Wix, Facebook, and Microsoft through social plugins and the Google Analytics service. For the related retention, please refer to the respective Privacy Policies. 

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