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Francesco Taiariol

Co-founder and CEO

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Filippo Veglia

Co-founder and CSO

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Piero Degasperi

Co-founder and CTO

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Artyom Golodnov


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Meet the


Where unconventional minds thrive

Our philosophy is to encourage personal growth and embrace unconventional thinking, authenticity and integrity. Tau is a place where eclectic people work together, learn, often succeed and sometimes fail and try again.

Call it mental


We challenge conventions and refuse to accept the status quo. We believe that engineering solutions requires innovative thinking and a willingness to follow our intuitions, even when they lead us down an unexpected path. So, yes, we enjoy being confused, because we know that's when real breakthroughs happen. At Tau, we understand that uncertainty can spark growth and innovation. We embrace it as a necessary step in the pursuit of breakthrough solutions.


By Engineers

We pride ourselves on being deeply specialized engineers within several connected industries, including quality control, wire & cable coating, and MEMS monitoring.


We recognize that e-mobility applications are one of the most ambitious and transformative markets of today, which is why we're bringing our expertise to discover new and effective processes. At Tau, we value specialization and expertise, and we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment.


By Chemists

Through global collaboration with leading chemists and developers, we're synthesizing new materials and solutions that are pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


Once you join Tau, you become a part of a single periodic system, where each element is unique and works towards a common goal. By working with a team of dedicated players, we enhance our chances of achieving high adhesion in wire coating, accuracy in NIR analysis, and qualitative control of microelectronics. At Tau, we value collaboration and innovation.


By Data Scientists

In the world of heavy industry, an analytical approach is essential for survival. Machine learning and AI provide us with a huge dataset that can improve our systems, operators' lives, and product quality.

At Tau, we know how to read data and interpret its value into measurable objectives. Our products have multiple sensors and actuators, and we collect all those measures to recreate a picture of our devices. By using data analysis, we can improve and adapt our technology to meet customer needs. We value innovation and data-driven decision-making.

Job Opportunities

Discover career opportunities at Tau Group and take the next step in your professional journey. Browse through our available positions and submit your application today. 



We’re looking for a Maintenance Engineer to develop and execute the maintenance plan, tools and methods, ensuring preventive and predictive maintenance actions while building capability to increase overall efficiency and move towards operational excellence.

Junior Logistics


We’re looking for a Junior Logistics Manager to plan, organize and coordinate the company's daily operations.


Cerchiamo una persona, volenterosa, per attività manuali e di supporto.

Finding and disrupting obsolete habits and technologies is a key element of our innovation and optimization process.


Meet Alberto who makes sure our wire coating processes run flawlessly and who continuously steers the team towards optimized product delivery.

We are preparing for a rapid scale-up over the next three years to supply highest performance magnet wire to global customers.


Meet Tetiana who handles our purchasing and continuously originates, vets and monitors our suppliers to ensure Tau's sourcing of materials is in line with the production plan.

Tau develops wire products fueled by performance and maximum industrial applicability. As change makers, we want our team members to progress, upskill and thrive.


Meet Federico who supports our production and R&D teams to make a lasting impact for sustainable mobility.

Our aim is to miniaturize electric motors, lighten vehicles, create space for other components, and enhance the e-mobility experience for passengers. We take pride in producing winding wire that transforms electrification from the ground up.

Meet Sakina who turns conventional thinking inside out to create a truly high - performance magnet wire.

Meet the


Want to join our mission?

At Tau, we value innovation, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. Engineering creativity is just one element of our idea incubation process. We also define a stringent R&D strategy for these ideas, formulate a unique sales & marketing concept, develop a brilliant go-to-market strategy, and put together a compelling business plan.


We're always looking for talented individuals who share our passion for problem-solving and pushing boundaries. Be a part of our mission for innovative solutions that have a positive impact on the environment.

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