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Tau brings the new electric motor technology to life

Tau paves the way for transport electrification at Coiltech Italia 2022, the international coil winding exhibition, held in Pordenone on September 28-29. Electric car manufacturers are racing to launch more advanced models at a rapid rate. Most importantly, industry experts are mastering innovative winding technologies for high voltage motors featuring high-power density. This helps to improve the electric vehicles’ efficiency, range and reduce recharge time.

After successfully passing laboratory testing, Tau has now unveiled a new hairpin stator prototype for automotive e-traction developed in partnership with Additive Drives, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art e-motor components for mobility, automotive, industrial and racing sectors.

Tau brings the new electric motor technology to life
Photo: Hairpin stator prototype for automotive e-traction developed in partnership with Additive Drives

One of the highlights of Tau winding wire is that it has all the characteristics that future mobility requires. Its partial discharge resistance and voltage resistance are 60% higher than that of competing products. In comparison to modern conductor solutions, the Tau wire delivers a higher power output and is suitable for applications above 800 volts.

“We are proud to be partnering with Additive Drives to deliver our shared vision of the next level electric motor technology. At the current stage of pre-production development, we have a rare opportunity to shape decisions on product design and material sourcing based on our product performance. This milestone is of the utmost importance for Tau, now and in the future, as we want our magnet wire to play a key role in the energy transition”, said Filippo Veglia, co-founder and CSO of Tau.

Tau’s magnet wire characteristics - electrical, mechanical and chemical - have been tested by FAPS and PEM Institutes in laboratory settings. Having successfully passed all tests, Tau further partnered with Additive Drives and built the first stator with Tau wire. This confirmed that Tau wire can be processed and allows for a smaller bending radius of the wire in the stator, lower friction, and a higher electrical fill factor.

By rethinking traditional coating methods, Tau is leveraging the benefits that “from scratch” approach gives to put in place more sustainable practices. The DryCycle® solvent-free coating process significantly reduces any negative impact on the environment owing to the use of solid-state dry varnishes preventing VOC emissions.

"We use only the materials we need and no more. Our one-layer insulation has already demonstrated very good mechanical robustness and superior dielectric strength, so we don't need to apply more polymer to obtain better results, which reduces not only the manufacturing cost but also carbon footprint. And we want to do much more than that. Our DryCycle coating is the only technology that allows 100% copper and thermoplastic polymer recycling - thus making our high-performance wire more environmentally friendly," added Veglia.

The company will continue its partnership with Additive Drives to deliver an end-to-end e-motor solution that weighs less, consumes less energy and resources, and achieves the absolute maximum power density and range, Veglia said.

To see the very latest technologies designed for the winding industry, visit Coiltech Deutschland 2023 in Ulm on March 29-30, where Tau will be exhibiting at Booth 7-D09.

About Tau

Tau is a technology company at the core of the electrification of transport and the decarbonization of energy. Its patented technologies reconcile the necessity of sustainable manufacturing with the power, reliability and performance that electrification requires to enable smaller, greener and more powerful motors, transformers and generators. Tau focuses on carbon-conscious protective coatings for high-performance and standard copper, aluminium and steel wires.

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About Coiltech

Coiltech Italia is an annual international exhibition for the coil and winding industry that gives an excellent opportunity to keep up with the materials and methods innovation for further improvement of efficiency in production, distribution, transformation, and consumption of electrical energy.

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