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Tau Accelerating E-Motor Change

On February 22-24, Tau took part in the 9th Advanced E-Motor Technology Conference in Berlin to discuss the emerging electric motor technologies and the global trends in e-mobility industry.

The market for electric vehicles continues to grow. What’s missing are the next generation technologies to advance electric driving. One of the most awaited topics of the conference covered some of the relevant strategies for future electrical motors and possible innovations through higher operating voltage in powertrains, improved resistance and power efficiency. It was said that shifting towards 800-1600 Volt motors could be the breakthrough that would finally allow electric vehicles to be charged faster and go further on one charge.

Expectations are also changing in terms of the physical aspects of electric motors and their components. There is now greater importance placed on reduced weight and design optimization including insulations and use of alternative materials.

Tau Accelerating E-Motor Change
The 9th Advanced E-Motor Technology Conference, courtesy of IQPC

“I was very happy to be a part of a network that is changing mobility and glad to ascertain the strong positioning of Tau’s customer value proposition. In the end I would like to thank IQPC for the flawless organization and the opportunity to finally meet peers in person after two years of pandemic limitations”, says Filippo Veglia, co-founder and CSO of Tau.

In addition, Tau’s high-performance magnet wire for transport electrification has attracted great interest from different players including OEMs, Tier1 and Tier2 companies during the networking sessions. The dielectric performances way above any competing wire and the highest thermal class in the market make Tau’s wire the perfect fit for e-mobility. This, in fact, helps reducing the size of motors along with optimizing their efficiency. Smaller and lighter motors will allow to have additional space for batteries.

Mr. Veglia said that Tau will continue the discussion on potential cooperation and supply of its magnet wire to become the de facto standard in winding industry.

About Tau

Tau is a technology and sustainable manufacturing company at the core of the electrification of transport and decarbonization of energy. Its research, development and incubation have resulted in patented technologies that pair environmental responsibility with superior performance and peace-of-mind operating simplicity. Tau focuses on carbon-conscious protective coatings for high-performance and standard copper, aluminium and steel wires. Tau has offices in Turin (Italy) & Berlin (Germany).

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