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Electrification. For real.

On September 22-23, Tau featured its high-performance magnet wire for e-mobility at Coiltech 2021 in Pordenone, preparing to build electric motors that are twice more powerful than current models.

Disruptions towards sustainable manufacturing are impacting the automotive industry. The demands of e-mobility have triggered a rethink of electric motor designs and technologies. Largely unchanged for decades owing to the limits in conductor performance, electric motors have now moved into the focus of engineers who work to develop the next generation of electric motors. On top of their wish list: winding wire with unparalleled performance that has the potential to unlock massive performance for electric motors especially for transport electrification.

After several years of research, Tau has unveiled the next generation magnet wire with such superior performance. Last week Tau premiered its DryCycle®️ magnet wire for e-mobility and grid applications at the Coiltech Italia 2021 fair in Pordenone. In a continued effort to move forward electric machine technology, Tau wire was designed to make motors twice as powerful, reducing its size and weight and allowing significant increases of operating voltage, frequencies and temperatures. It features partial discharge resistance that is up to 5 times higher compared to standard magnet wire and superior to wire currently used for motors in electric vehicles.

Electrification. For real.
Photo: Left to right: Piero Degasperi, Filippo Veglia, Francesco Taiariol

“The e-car of the future will be faster, more comfortable, cheaper and with a longer range than petrol ones. To do so every electric component need to step-up. We are proposing a dramatically better magnet wire and are ready for this step”, says Filippo Veglia, co-founder and CSO of Tau.

Although electric transport is a step towards sustainability, the underlying manufacturing processes have still an impact on climate and thus represent another challenge. To make it greener, Tau was guided by resource efficiency and low-carbon principles when creating its DryCycle coating process. Its strict use of solvent-free polymers eliminates the emission of harmful VOC, while a simplified production minimizes the use of resources and reduces energy consumption and waste.

Tau underscored its seriousness about electrification - among the priorities of the company is the further development of grid wire for renewable energy generation. But ultimately, Veglia said, the company also wants to elevate every day of domestic life in a smaller, but not less exciting application – wire for smart home appliances.

To see the very latest technologies designed for the winding industry, visit Coiltech Deutschland 2022 in Ulm on April 6-7, where Tau will be exhibiting at Booth 6-D36.

About Tau

Tau is a technology and sustainable manufacturing company at the core of the electrification of transport and decarbonization of energy. Its research, development and incubation have resulted in patented technologies that pair environmental responsibility with superior performance and peace-of-mind operating simplicity. Tau focuses on carbon-conscious protective coatings for high-performance and standard copper, aluminium and steel wires. Tau has offices in Turin (Italy) & Berlin (Germany).

Visit or follow Tau on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Coiltech

Coiltech Italia is an annual international exhibition for the coil and winding industry that gives an excellent opportunity to keep up with the materials and methods innovation for further improvement of efficiency in production, distribution, transformation, and consumption of electrical energy.

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